Finally finished the book. Just a few observations.

Have to admit it got a bit boring along the way but turned out ok.

However if Aornis' mindworm could be so easily disposed of by the "your-worst-nightmare" thing then couldn't see what's all that build-up for.

And the sloution. A deu-ex-machine. How...archaic...Returning to Oral Tradition, are we not?

Most confusing tribute(?) to DNA(?):

"You would have thought that that first had had had had good occasion to be seen as had, had you not? Had had had approval but had had had not; equally it is true to say that that that that had had approval but that that other that that that had not."

"So the problem with that other that that was that--?"

"That that other-other that that had had approval."

Now somebody please translate the above into Chinese.

Loose ends:

What happens to the one original idea after the auction?

Who killed Godot?

Next is Something Rotten(pun intended). To read or not to read, that is the question.

Oh and the nursery crime books too...


Noise in the Attic

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